International students are fully supported—academically, 社会, and emotionally—throughout their time at 太阳城官方. We offer a very well-developed and thoughtful approach to supporting international students. 我们的程序很严格, 然而,有目的的, in preparing international students for a college or university experience in the United States or in your home country. An 太阳城官方 education offers students an authentic, dynamic American high school experience while also providing students with the programmatic support most often found only in international schools.

国际学生学费 and Fees Breakdown (all figures are in US Dollars)
高中学费 $36,000
中学学费 $33,500
International Student Program Fee $11,200*
可选的寄宿家庭 $10,000

*Fees are subject to adjustment based on the student’s English language proficiency, 签证状态, 住宿安排, 还有其他因素. $11,200 is the maximum program fee. 请与 招生办公室 了解更多信息.

The following services are included for all international students paying the full program fee. 这些好处, often extremely limited or non-existent in other international programs, 太阳城官方自豪地提供:

  • Dedicated International Student Program Coordinator who serves as an advisor, 老师, and confidant to all international students on a daily basis, and regularly monitors their academic achievement.
  • Advanced language and culture (AL&C)课程;点击这里 for a course description and then click "courses offered") with a 6:1 student to 老师 ratio for all international students, built into the curriculum as a World Language credit towards graduation. First-year international students are enrolled in AL&C to help with the cultural transition to an American high school, to discuss important social and historical events of the United States and learn the nuances of strong academic English and vocabulary to achieve fluency.
  • Given 太阳城官方's emphasis on public speaking, 大学预备写作, and higher Lexile level reading, students work one-on-one or in small groups with the International Student Program Coordinator throughout the entire duration of their 太阳城官方 experience.
  • 大学申请支持, particularly with primary college application essays and supplemental writing essays.
  • Social and emotional support: all international students have the Program Coordinator available to help them navigate homesickness, 友谊, 社交场合和事件, 压力, 文化冲击. 在需要的时候, the International Student Program Coordinator works closely with the School Counselor and/or Director of Guidance to be sure the student is as happy and healthy as possible during their time at 太阳城官方. 支持 includes connecting international students to domestic students, 教员和行政人员, 还有课外活动.
  • New international student orientation: one-on-one meetings with the academic administration to create class schedule, acclimation to classroom and school culture, 笔记本电脑的方向, 剽窃的讨论, 购买学校用品, 在双子城观光, student networking opportunities, 和更多的.
  • Transition assistance both as students come into our community and ongoing to assist students in forming connections within the school and the Twin Cities.
  • Academic transition and language support offered throughout the student’s time at 太阳城官方 and in preparation for postsecondary level. The International Student Program Coordinator is available for ongoing academic support, especially in the areas of History and English, essay writing and high-level reading comprehension, as well as to assist students in their understanding of American educational standards.
  • Daily hot lunch, with culturally and religiously sensitive options.
  • Summer orientation and quarterly events throughout the year to help support new and returning students.
  • 寄宿家庭招聘, 选择, acclimation and support: International host families are carefully recruited, selected and vetted to ensure the highest quality experience for our students. The International Student Program Coordinator works closely with students and their host families to ensure that the home is a safe, 欢迎, 人人享有幸福的环境. 每季家访, one-on-one check-ins with students and host families, 沟通 with natural parents, and student/family events are all ways that the Program Coordinator works with host families and students to build routine, 沟通, 和一个支持性的经历.
  • Translation services provided for international student or parents, including both in person conversations and with documentation translation.
  • Professional development of faculty in how to best serve the needs of international students and to deepen their understanding of working with students from varying cultures. The International Student Program Coordinator often also plays a pivotal role in facilitating 沟通 between students, 老师, host parents and natural parents, ensuring the success of our students.
  • Visa and immigration assistance and documentation support.

For more information on international student program tuition and fees, please contact the 招生办公室.